Advisory Board

The representative voice of all AIIC members

─── Who we are

AIIC’s representative body voices the concerns and opinions of its 3,000+ members and ensures good coordination. We represent AIIC’s 23 regions, committees, groups, networks and delegations in between Assemblies. We provide the AIIC Executive Committee with advice, make recommendations, propose and implement projects and activities.

─── How we work

The voice of membership

3,000+ members across all continents need a representative body to voice their concerns and opinions between Assemblies, and to ensure good coordination. This is where we come in. AB members represent AIIC’s 23 regions, as well as committees, groups, networks and delegations.

Consultative body

While we do not have any direct executive powers over the Association, we advise and assist the AIIC Executive Committee. We make recommendations, propose and implement projects and activities. We serve as a sounding board and aim to inspire change based on AIIC’s priorities.

─── Activities

We have one annual face-to-face meeting, but our activities continue throughout the year using remote meetings and virtual discussions. Our work is largely devolved to project teams, which report back to the full AB. The project teams comprise AB members and some co-opted members from outside the AB. Our activities are coordinated by the AB Steering Committee.