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Improving the conference interpreting profession by encouraging a high standard of training and continued professional development

─── Who we are

Interested in training to become a conference interpreter? Are you a professional who wants to hone their skills? Or a professional who wants to teach or train? We offer guidance to students and training courses for professionals.

─── How we work

AIIC is involved in 3 main areas of training:

Initial Training

AIIC drafts guidelines and offers advice on initial training, that is, training for people who are not yet conference interpreters. We set best practice criteria for universities offering initial training in conference interpreting and survey them to assess compliance with those criteria. Courses that meet AIIC’s quality criteria are listed in AIIC’s Schools Directory.

To have your interpreting courses or programmes listed in the directory, you can launch the process by creating a user profile and filling out the survey here.

Continued Professional Development

AIIC encourages Continued Professional Development in the profession and offers training courses for conference interpreters all around the world.

Teacher training

AIIC regularly runs Training of Trainers courses for conference interpreter trainers. This ensures that trainers are as well-informed and trained as possible and thus guarantees the next generation of interpreters the best possible start in the profession.

Good courses are rare, and trainers train all over the world, which is why AIIC offers sponsorship to trainers for many of its Training of Trainers courses.

To help interpreters in all of the types of training above we have prepared suggested reading lists.

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─── What we do

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