Committee on Admissions and Language Classification

CACL guides new members to ensure they meet AIIC’s high standards

─── Who we are

Your gateway to the Association: The Committee on Admissions and Language Classification (CACL) processes applications for membership, language reclassification, change of status and requests to enter the AIIC pipeline as pre-candidates.

─── How we work

The admissions process

The Committee on Admissions and Language Classification comprises seven active members of the Association who do not belong to any other AIIC committee. CACL meets every six months to review applications for membership and language reclassification, with all seven CACL members examining every application. Shortly after each meeting the AIIC website lists the new members and pre-candidates, changes of status and language combinations. CACL also offers a pre-screening service to early applicants.

CACL is instrumental in extending AIIC’s global reach

The Committee is AIIC’s calling card as the first official point of contact for potential members and colleagues. Interpreters keen to join may be daunted by the admission requirements and procedures, especially in places where AIIC is less well known. CACL replies to enquiries and provides encouragement and useful information on subjects such as waivers, which applicants with uncommon language combinations sometimes require if AIIC’s reach is to become truly global.

Joining AIIC

Learn more about AIIC Rules, Professional Standards, Code of Professional Ethics, All Basic Texts, along with a checklist for those already familiar with entrance, reclassification, pre-candidacy and associate status requirements, and a detailed guide for those seeking further clarification, and submit your online application.

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─── What we do

CACL in action

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