Co-ordinated Sector

Representing freelance interpreters in the Co-ordinated Sector since 1969

Based on the AIIC-Co-ordinated Organisations Agreement, the Negotiating Delegation represents all freelance interpreters who work for the Co-ordinated Sector. The Negotiating Delegation oversees the implementation of the Agreement and maintains for this purpose regular contacts with the administrations of the three organisations.


The Agreement

The first agreement was signed in 1969. It has been renewed at regular intervals.

Main Features

  • Freelance interpreters’ pay is linked to the pay scale for staff interpreters.
  • Interpreters receive flat-rate travel and compensatory allowances as well as a daily subsistence allowance.
  • Interpreters benefit from an old age/life provident scheme and are protected by sickness and accident insurance.
  • Working conditions are covered and protected by the Agreement.

Organisations covered

  • Council of Europe (CoE)
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The Negotiating Delegation

  • Negotiates the Agreement with the Co-ordinated Organisations
  • Is elected by the members of the sector
  • Works with the corresponding professional delegations (PDs)

The Negotiating Delegation is elected by freelance interpreters in the Co-ordinated Sector at a sectoral meeting. The AIIC-Co-ordinated Agreement applies to ALL freelance interpreters who work for the Council of Europe, ESA and NATO – AIIC members and non members alike.