Disciplinary and Disputes Committee

Addressing disciplinary issues and disputes in the interest of professionalism

─── Who we are

AIIC’s Disciplinary and Disputes Committee (DDC) is responsible for dealing with alleged breaches of the rules as set out in our basic texts, as well as disputes arising between members, candidates, bodies of the Association or even between the general public and any part of the Association.

─── What we do

The DDC’s work begins when it receives a complaint and determines its admissibility. It may also act on its own initiative if it observes a breach of the Association’s rules and regulations when investigating a different matter brought to its notice.

The DDC also acts in response to appeals for dispute settlement.

How to submit a complaint to the DDC

Any member of the Association, candidate, pre-candidate, Association body or member of the general public wishing to submit a complaint to the DDC should complete the complaint form. The form is then sent to the Secretariat.

The Secretariat ensures that the form contains all the required information and sends the form and all substantiating documents to the DDC Bureau.

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