Executive Committee

Strategically orchestrating AIIC’s mission to interpret the world

─── Who we are

Global vision, strategic guidance, forward-looking leadership, transparent day-to-day management, representation, proactive planning, and yes, even trouble-shooting…. This, in a nutshell, is ExCo, the AIIC Executive Committee.

ExCo’s core role is to take account of the needs and requirements of individual members whilst safeguarding the interests of the association as a whole.

─── How we work

As the ultimate authority between the Assemblies to which it reports, AIIC’s Executive Committee (ExCo) is responsible for implementing Assembly decisions as well as administering and representing the Association (see Statutes).

ExCo works in tandem with the Advisory Board, consulting it on all matters for which further information is required, and holding more in-depth discussions during an annual joint meeting with the entire AB, as well as an additional, more restricted meeting with the AB Steering Committee.

ExCo itself gets together at least twice per year in accordance with its Rules of Procedure to discuss any policy, financial or administrative matters that do not fall within the specific remit of another body (Assembly, Budget Committee, etc.) and to take stock of the general course of the Association. It also frequently convenes online when more urgent or complex matters requiring in-depth deliberation arise.

Apart from convening the Assembly, ExCo may also propose amendments to AIIC’s Basic Texts, and is responsible amongst other things for adopting the annual budget and for approving membership and mandates of sectoral negotiating delegations and other specialized groups and committees.

Should you be starting to think that ExCo’s work is purely procedural, stop right there! External representation of AIIC also falls to the members of ExCo, who regularly attend events around the globe, promoting the Association and the values and standards it defends.

In short, ExCo plays a multi-faceted role, strategically orchestrating AIIC’s mission to interpret the world.


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