AIIC Legal Interpreting Committee

The right to due process of law is a fundamental human right. Legal interpreters help to ensure that this right is upheld at national and international courts when more than one language is involved.

─── Who we are

The Legal Interpreting Committee engages in dialogue with users of court and legal professional interpretation services such as legislators, courts, judges and bar associations. We cooperate with other professional associations and provide interpreters at national and international courts with a platform for networking and learning. The Committee organises regular training and information seminars.

─── How we work

Due process and the right to a fair trial are the underlying principles of the work of the Committee. Legal interpreters work in the simultaneous (including whispering) and consecutive interpreting modes, applying their professional qualifications and skills, and exercising linguistic and intercultural competence.

The instruments used to implement these goals also include cooperation with other professional associations. AIIC is an associate member of the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association (EULITA). In addition, active participation in events related to legal and court interpreting target the same objectives.

The Committee comprises three active members, one of whom is the Group Coordinator.

The work of the Committee is supported by corresponding members who carry out particular tasks on behalf of the Committee, addressing the specific interests and situations of various regions.

Introduction to the Inter-American Human Rights System - 2021

The European Prosecutors Office - judicial and linguistic aspects - 2021

─── What we do

The Legal Interpreting Committee in action

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