The VEGA Network

AIIC’s global outreach & mentoring network

The VEGA Network offers guidance on best practices to final year conference interpreting students, recent graduates and experienced colleagues, whether professionally trained or self-taught. VEGA further provides mentoring to colleagues who are in the process of joining AIIC.

─── Who we are

VEGA is a global network of AIIC members who are passionate about supporting, guiding and mentoring newcomers to the profession, with a view to helping them realise an ambition to join AIIC. We encourage all colleagues to follow best practices and respect the AIIC Code of Ethics in the interests of enhancing the reputation of the conference interpreting profession. All VEGA members are volunteers and all VEGA events are run on a strictly not-for-profit basis.

─── What we do

VEGA’s members organise outreach events and run workshops and information sessions all over the world. The VEGA Network has recently also started a mentoring programme to support AIIC pre-candidates. VEGA’s objective is to make AIIC visible, demonstrate its relevance, and make the transition from aspiring to join AIIC to actually applying easier.

VEGA has produced a series of articles in a range of languages aimed at colleagues just getting started in the profession, including students in the final year of their training.

VEGA members are also regular contributors to the AIIC Blog and Communicate!  where they offer insights which may be of interest to experienced colleagues who may wish to become AIIC members. 

Find out more about outreach & mentoring at AIIC.   

Photo: Clint Adair / unsplash

─── What we do

VEGA in action

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