Basic texts and governance

AIIC’s regulations and by-laws govern and illustrate its relationships — with members and between members and clients.

AIIC is governed by the Statutes of the Association, which define the roles of its governing bodies — the Assembly, the Executive Committee and the other organs of the Association.

The Code of Professional Ethics covers professional confidentiality and other ethical principles.

Professional Standards define the working conditions required for high-quality interpreting and the protection of the interpreter's health and safety.

The Statutes establish the conditions for AIIC membership and for exercising the profession. They also establish how the Association is organised.

Regulations on admissions cover issues such as the admission of affiliates (members, candidates and pre-candidates) and language combinations.

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AIIC, a French-law association, registers its Statutes in French; their English version, along with both the French and English versions of every other text listed on this page, are also AIIC-validated. All other language versions are supplied as a courtesy only, to facilitate understanding.

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