AIIC for the profession

Promoting high standards, negotiating agreements with major clients, and building capacity for our members and the profession as a whole.

AIIC is at the forefront of advances in the world of professional interpreting. Our committed experts inform the development of internationally recognised standards for technologies and practices that enable high-quality delivery of service. We work with event planners to ensure seamless multilingual communication at meetings and conferences. AIIC also develops checklists and guidelines to assist in developing and adopting professional best practices.

As an Association, we enable lifelong learning by offering our own training and professional development programmes and supporting third-party training programmes. We keep track of new practices and technologies – such as distance interpreting – to ensure that the health and wellbeing of professional interpreters are safeguarded and standards of service are met.

Since 1953 AIIC has supported the professionalisation of conference interpreting. We are proud of our many achievements and committed to building on them as we look to our future.

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