AIIC consultant interpreters

Professional interpreters with specialist skills in recruiting the right interpreters for your multilingual event.

AIIC consultant interpreters are experienced interpreters who ensure that communication flows seamlessly at your event. Their experience of conference logistics gives you the edge in organising a successful, risk-free multilingual event.



Before being listed as an AIIC Consultant Interpreter each prospective member has their organising abilities and experience vetted, and they undertake to follow specific guidelines


Consultant interpreters may operate alone or under a joint business structure, but as members of AIIC they follow the same principles.

Your consultant interpreter:

  • selects the nearest and best qualified professional interpreters among AIIC's global community of 3000+ interpreters
  • negotiates terms with them
  • briefs them on your meeting
  • contracts them
  • handles everything else through to final payment, leaving you free to attend to other matters.



Your consultant interpreter will discuss your needs with you, including subject matter, documentation, timetables and breakout sessions, in order to determine the technical equipment and number of interpreters required. You will receive a comprehensive quotation specifying dates, languages, number of interpreters, fees, airfares (if necessary), daily subsistence allowance and any other costs.

During your event, your consultant interpreter will be your link with the team of interpreters, handling assignments, distributing work and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. If the consultant interpreter is not part of the team, a Team Leader will be appointed instead. You only need to deal with one skilled and experienced point of contact at this busy time.


By following established principles, AIIC consultant interpreters, whether acting as individuals or as companies, ensure that your language needs are met from the first hello to the final farewell.