Research and health

Supporting advances in interpreting studies and high-quality research into issues affecting interpreter health

AIIC supports the profession by promoting ongoing advances in interpreting. This includes maintaining a strong relationship with researchers and academics involved in interpreting studies, and encouraging progress and understanding of issues that affect interpreter health and wellbeing.

The Technical & Health Committee (THC) is the focal point for technological developments and health-related matters in the conference interpreting sphere. It is an advisory body that seeks to protect and promote better working conditions for interpreters by helping to draft and ensure compliance with the technical standards that guarantee quality interpretation, safeguard interpreter health and provide a positive conference experience for both interpreters and delegates.

The AIIC Research Committee (RC) acts as an interface between the field of interpreting studies and AIIC members and as a gatekeeper for AIIC’s internal and external research endeavours, including questionnaires and surveys. The RC works closely with other relevant AIIC groups such as the AIIC Training and Professional Development (ATPD) group and the THC to make sure research areas important to the profession are correctly explored.

Evidence-based findings from research can be used to underpin future guidelines, recommendations, policy decisions and international standards

Some specific areas of interest include:


Acoustic shock

The effects of an unexpected loud noise– such as acoustic feedback or a microphone being dropped – can be lasting and devastating. Interpreters are especially at risk, and damage to their hearing can be catastrophic. AIIC has undertaken to research the prevalence and risk of acoustic shock and to advise on preventative measures.

Compliance of equipment with technical standards

The THC reviews equipment available on the market, including headsets, headphones and microphone combinations, audio interfaces and peripherals, platforms and services, to identify models that comply with technical standards and meet interpreters’ needs.

Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting technology presents opportunities for the industry as well as significant risks. The AIIC Taskforce on Distance Interpreting works with the RC and THC to protect the health and safety of interpreters working in remote mode, and to ensure that technical standards are met.