Training and professional development

Student, professional interpreter or interpreter trainer… the right training will make a difference to your work, your career and your job satisfaction.

Training can mean several things: initial training for students wanting to become interpreters; continued professional development (CPD) for professionals looking to hone their skills or gain a competitive advantage; and training of trainers for interpreters who want to pass on their skills to the next generation of interpreters.


Initial training

The best way to become a conference interpreter is to get the right training. Learning the basics is essential and almost all conference interpreters study for a post-graduate MA in conference interpreting before joining the profession.

Although AIIC does not offer initial training, we can help you choose the right course and we have tips and advice for anyone already studying conference interpreting.

Continued professional development

Continued professional development training can help make you a better interpreter. It can broaden your range of expertise or help you specialize. That can mean more work, more interesting work, and more lucrative work.

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Training of Trainers

Whether you are teaching students the basics or helping professionals fine-tune their skills, learning to teach can help you improve your own understanding of the profession. For many it is also a chance to give something back to a profession they love...

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