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Training of trainers

What is Training of Trainers (ToT)? Why is it important? Who is it for and where can I do it? Can I get sponsorship to help fund training?

From its very inception, AIIC has seen proper training for would-be interpreters as key to the future of the profession. Helping trainers to teach well is part of that policy. 

Find out about why we offer Training of Trainers courses, who teaches them and how you can get involved.

Training trainers offers a multiplier effect. Each trainer teaches dozens of students over the years, so helping the trainers to improve their pedagogical techniques impacts on all their students. That's why, over and above setting formal best-practice guidelines for interpreting schools, AIIC also runs Training of Trainers courses all around the world.

Conference interpreters have primarily been trained to be interpreters. Teaching, however, is also a skill and profession that requires training, and AIIC believes that interpreter trainers should themselves be interpreters.

AIIC promotes high standards in initial training [link to] to ensure the highest standards in the profession itself. To this end, interpreters often find themselves training the next generation of interpreters.

Article 4 of the AIIC Statutes states that one of the purposes of AIIC itself is to promote training. 

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In order to make training accessible to trainers in parts of the world where fewer or no courses are available, we have set up the AIIC Trainers' Sponsorship scheme under which trainers can apply to have part of their travel expenses for attending an AIIC Training of Trainers course reimbursed. 

Photo: Green Chameleon/Unsplash