Agreement Sector

AIIC collective agreements with international organisations – benefitting ALL interpreters

Collective agreements between AIIC and key international organisations govern the remuneration and working conditions of freelance conference interpreters.

These agreements are negotiated by AIIC-appointed negotiating delegations; once agreements are in place, professional delegations – representing both AIIC members and other interpreters – oversee their proper implementation and address any problems that may arise.

AIIC’s Standing Committee of the Agreement Sector (SCAS) coordinates negotiating delegations across the Agreement Sectors.

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The following agreements exist with the Agreement Sector:

Coordinated Sector

The AIIC-Coordinated Organisations Agreement covers organisations that belong to the “Coordinated Organisations”, namely the European Space Agency (ESA), the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the Council of Europe (CoE).

European Union Sector

The AIIC-EU Convention applies to interpreters who work for EU organisations.

Global Union Federations Sector

The AIIC-GUF Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for interpreters working for the Global Union Federations (GUFs).

United Nations Sector

The AIIC-UN Agreement covers the UN and its specialised agencies.

World Customs Organisation

The AIIC-WCO Agreement provides terms and conditions for all interpreters who work for the WCO.

Standing Committee of the Agreement Sector