Communicate! the AIIC webzine

News and views on all aspects of conference interpreting

The AIIC webzine, Communicate! is published twice a year, serving up food for thought with a thematic flavour. Its authors are a piquant mix of erudite members and external experts in their fields.

Communicate! is published online for easy access, along with a printable pdf version — perfect to print, to pack, and to share with colleagues wherever you go.


Issue 76  — October 2020


Issue 75  — January 2020


Issue 74  — July 2019


Issue 73  — October 2018



The green interpreter
08 January 2020
Hanging up the headset
08 January 2020
Identify yourself!
27 May 2019
Trials and tribulations
24 October 2018
From the editor
24 October 2018


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